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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SIF 3.0 first look: Embracing new standards and getting it right!

The excitement is palpable, the will is good, and the details are finally coming into the light. SIF 3.0 is no longer just vapor; large chunks are now publicly accessible in release candidate form.

How large? You be the judge of that.

  • Base Architecture (updated, some open issues)
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Initial Global Data Model
  • Core U.S. CEDS Aligned Data Model
  • SIF-RS (on the wire SIF 3.0 REST Mapping)

As you consider the above, please keep a careful eye on the following:
  • Internationalization
    • One infrastructure multiple data models
    • XML Namespaces pervasive and complete
    • Conducive to JSON environments
  • For the US Community - 100% CEDS
    • Fully aligned
    • Efficient on the wire
    • Eventually complete (early childhood through workforce)
  • Simple
    • Works with various libraries and frameworks
    • Favors the Data Consumer, Data Provider, Direct Zone Provider then Middleware
    • Modern (token based) client authentication system
  • Scalable
    • Reduces chattiness
    • Overcomes latency
    • Prioritizes traffic
    • Empowers flow control

So if you are an early adopter, working on a proof of concept, or just want to help refine by trying, start here:

Improvements are welcome!

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